Cracks are the most common cause of asphalt overlay failure. It expands from the original pavement to the new overlay, thus reducing the strength of the pavements. These cracks allow water penetration into the pavement and thus weakening the subgrade. Hence engineered non-woven fabrics when sandwiched between the asphalt and bitumen layer, helps in increasing its life, prevents cracks and water intrusion.

Non-wovens provide a cost-effective solution in extending the life of pavements. This helps in minimizing stress & cracks and increase the asphalt life.

The non-woven paving geotextile, when combined with tack coat and aided by asphalt overlay pressure, creates an asphalt saturated water-proofing and stress-reducing interlayer. They do not eradicate cracks but prevents them. Even in case of reflective cracks, they prevent water intrusion.

We can also provide different facilities such as composites of various fabrics as per customer requirements. We also produce fabric using natural and/or e-special fibres such as nylon, aramid, nomex, and provide special treatments such as anti-static, water repellent and fire-retardant.

Why non-woven?

Combining asphalt with non-woven fabrics give the following advantages:

  • Moisture Sealing
  • Stress Relieving
  • Pavement Interlayer
  • Bonding
  • Reduces Reflective Cracking
  • Reduces Water Intrusion
  • More heat susceptible than glass fibre mats
  • Fire retardant
  • Anti static




Non-woven fabrics are combined with asphalt overlay using needle punch or heat set processes.



Venus Interlinings

Venus Interlinings is in manufacturing of Non-Woven Polyester Fabric since 1995. The company was established by Mr. R.R. Taparia (Director) Venus Interlinings (P) Ltd. and has a great industrial experience of past 21 years. We shared a wonderful experience by supplying Fabric’s to Big Export Houses, Government Supplies and we are also approved vendor for IKEA for the supply of NonWoven Polyester fabric. We manufacture material for home furnishing industry, acoustic control, filter manufacturer, automobile industry, mattress manufacturer, bitumen manufacturer, viscose wipes and geo textiles.