In the family of Geosynthetics, the most widely used products in Civil and Environmental works is non-woven Geotextile. VenusGeo is a brand of Venus Interlinings Pvt Ltd, that manufactures non-woven geotextiles that are made from PET or PP fibres bonded through the process of needle punching Further, thermal processes of calendaring or seinging can also be done over fabric, depending on its utility. It is widely used for the purpose of Separation, Drainage, Filtration, Protection, Reinforcement and Soil Erosion.



Geotextiles are primarily used in environmental & civil work. Because of its varied functions, it has applications in a no of areas:

    • ConstructionRoad Construction: Geo textiles are strong, durable and can handle load. Thus they are widely used in construction of temporary and permanent roads, airport runways & parking areas. Their drainage and separation property helps it to be used in road widening & asphalt maintenance.
    • railwaysRailways:Railway lines face heavy traffic of trains passing through them. This causes stress on the ballast and granular support. The rapid speed and weight of trains place heavy demand on the bearing course. Thus geotextiles are required to stabilize the foundation so that it can withstand the load. They are used for separation, filtration & reinforcement under the track bed. This also ensures long-term functionality of the tracks.
    • TunnelTunnels: Modern traffic tunnels are planned for a service life of more than 100 years. Thus they must be well protected against the effects of groundwater and water penetrating from the top. Additionally, under-ground construction must also facilitate proper drainage and separation of granules. Geotextiles are used on both sides of membranes in tunnel construction to protect it from perforation. It protects the tunnel by waterproofing so as to increase the tunnel life. They are also used at underground levels.
    • ConstructionConstruction Work: VenusGeo provides good drainage when used in building concrete floors, foundations, roofs, gardens & sports ground. They also help in suppressing sound. They are also used around pipelines for better drainage.
    • hydraulicHydraulic Work: Hydraulic Structures such as dams, riverbanks & coastlines face heavy hydrodynamic stress. To sustain this stress, VenusGeo is a cost-effective, durable & reliable solution. VenusGeo is an environmental product and hence it is widely used to protect the environment. Hence they are widely used for coastal protection, construction of harbours, dams, artificial lakes & water reservoirs. They also provide protection to riverbanks & canals and prevent soil erosion.
    • drainage 2Drainage/Filtration: VenusGeo is used for building and protecting drains & pipelines. Their multiple functions prevents drain clogging by filtering soil fines and preventing dampness. Geotextiles are also widely used for construction of French drains.
    • LandfillWaste Disposal: VenusGeo, when used on both sides of the membrane, protects it from perforation. Thus it helps in waste disposal and water purification.
  • soil erosionSoil Erosion: Fine pore size; high permeability and low potential for clogging are the main features of VenusGeo that helps in prevention of soil erosion. Flowing water can cause severe erosion and instability of soil structure. Thus VenusGeo when placed on the banks or elsewhere helps in maintaining the structure, without being affected by rainfall or surface water runoff. It can also be used in the form of fabrics and/or geobags.


Non-woven geotextiles are made from PET or PP fibres bonded through the process of needle punching Further, thermal processes of calendaring or seinging can also be done over fabric, depending on its utility.


VenusGeo uses Quad Punch needle-punch looms from Morrisson, which can make fabric upto 6 meters in width and from 100 GSM to 1200 GSM in weight. We can further thermoset it as per customer requirement. On special requirement from customer we can also make fabric upto 2000 GSM.

Venus Interlinings

Venus Interlinings is in manufacturing of Non-Woven Polyester Fabric since 1995. The company was established by Mr. R.R. Taparia (Director) Venus Interlinings (P) Ltd. and has a great industrial experience of past 21 years. We shared a wonderful experience by supplying Fabric’s to Big Export Houses, Government Supplies and we are also approved vendor for IKEA for the supply of NonWoven Polyester fabric. We manufacture material for home furnishing industry, acoustic control, filter manufacturer, automobile industry, mattress manufacturer, bitumen manufacturer, viscose wipes and geo textiles.