Filtration is a mechanism of holding back unwanted elements to get a desired result. The device that helps in the process of filtration is called a filter. Non-wovens have the properties of filtration, and is hence used as a filter in many ways. Venus Interlinings’ non-wovens are designed to help in air filtration and liquid filtration.

Air filters control air purity and prohibits dust and other air pollutants from entering into the environment. Awareness for cleaner air and a healthier lifestyle has increased the demand for air filters.

Liquid filters help in segregating water, oil or any other liquid from other impurities. These are water filters or oil filters. The composition of these fabrics depends upon the use of the filter.

Why non-woven?

Filter fabrics are highly durable and compact in size. They have good dust and water retaining capacity and hence gives us a clean & breathable atmosphere. Air filters protect us from impurities and bacteria and hence improves ventilation. Water filters have good stress bearing capacity and can handle abrasion.


Different types of filters are used in different industries. Venus Interlinings manufactures 2 types of filters:

  • Air Filters
  • Liquid Filters

These filters are used in different industries depending upon their utility.

  • Air Filters:
    • Dust Collection Bag Filters
    • Air Filters for Automobiles
    • Cement Plants
    • Extreme Environments
    • Steel Processing
    • Wood/Paper Processing
    • Air Conditioning Units
    • Ventilation Systems
    • Panel Filters
  • Liquid Filters:
    • Chemical filtration
    • Ceramic filtration
    • Paint booth
    • Food and beverage filtration
    • Industrial coolant oil filtration
    • Industrial oil filtration
    • Machine tool emulsion filtration





Venus Interlinings

Venus Interlinings is in manufacturing of Non-Woven Polyester Fabric since 1995. The company was established by Mr. R.R. Taparia (Director) Venus Interlinings (P) Ltd. and has a great industrial experience of past 21 years. We shared a wonderful experience by supplying Fabric’s to Big Export Houses, Government Supplies and we are also approved vendor for IKEA for the supply of NonWoven Polyester fabric. We manufacture material for home furnishing industry, acoustic control, filter manufacturer, automobile industry, mattress manufacturer, bitumen manufacturer, viscose wipes and geo textiles.