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Acoustic performance products offer unique sound absorbing performance and insulation properties. For this purpose we provide Polyester Wadding created from recycled and virgin fibres, which are highly durable and reliable. For insulation purpose, it can also be combined with a Thermal Wrap.

It is widely used for sound absorption and insulation in construction of ceilings, wall panels, floors, etc.

Why non-woven?

If you want to sound proof your home, office or studio, then acoustic products is the solution.  However, the key is to select those that are effective, durable and capable of providing long-term performance.

  • Advantages of Acoustic Products are:
    • Reduces sound echoes.
    • Absorbs the sound.
    • Improves the quality of sound.
    • Controls reverberation.
    • Reduces noise levels from surrounding areas and buildings.
    • Ceiling panels for basements provide cover to electrical plumbing and can take away the harshness out of the hard ceilings
    • They provide a beautiful look to the rooms.
    • They can be installed without making too much changes to your existing walls and ceilings.
    • They provide access to repairs and renovations. Damaged panels can be easily replaced and they are easy to maintain.
  • Advantages of Thermal Insulation are:
    • Due to thermal insulation, the room remains cooler in summer and warmer in winter than outside. Hence, a room provided with thermal insulation gives comfort both in summer and winter.
    • Protects from Global Warming.
    • Energy Saving: Due to thermal insulation transfer of heat between inside and outside of the room is restricted. This results in less quantity of energy required for maintaining the desired temperature in the room.
    • Prevention of thermal stress on roofs. Due to thermal stresses, roof decks tend to crack. These would be reduced to a great extent.
    • Generally over-the-deck insulation materials are much lighter than the currently used concrete, resulting in reduced deadweight on the roof slab.
    • Non-Toxic, Environmental friendly solutions.
    • Energy saving results in reduced costs.
    • No Heat absorption and subsequent dissipation.
    • Can avoid Expansion Joints.
    • Composite approach to Insulation, Waterproofing and Slope Creation.


There are several applications of acoustic and insulation materials. A few of them are stated below. However any further use can also be made depending on our imaginations and creativity.

  • Application in Acoustic:
    • Ceilings
    • Wall Panels
    • Hard Floor Underlay
    • Baffles
    • Screens
    • Curtains
  • Application in Insulation:
    • Industrial Roofing
    • Ducting
    • Vertical Wall
    • Ceiling
    • Pipes
    • Under Floor
    • Cold Room


Acoustic and Insulation materials are made of polyester fibre, which are bonded through heat with the help of Bi-co Fibre, also known as wadding. If required, they are also foil wrapped for the purpose of insulation. These acoustic and insulation materials are combined with Wood, POP, cement or other structures in order to give soundproof, insulated and durable structures.


For the purpose of Acoustic and Insulations, the wadding can be made in different size and weights. Its technical specifications are as under:

  • Properties
    • Weight ( 300 gsm to 1000 gsm)
    • Width (1 m to 1.5 m)
    • Thickness (15 mm to 75 mm)
    • Fire Retardancy (Yes *)
    • Operating Temperature (-40 to +110°C)
They can be manufactured according to different specifications, depending upon the application of the product. Customization, if required, can also be done according to the customer specifications.

Venus Interlinings

Venus Interlinings is in manufacturing of Non-Woven Polyester Fabric since 1995. The company was established by Mr. R.R. Taparia (Director) Venus Interlinings (P) Ltd. and has a great industrial experience of past 21 years. We shared a wonderful experience by supplying Fabric’s to Big Export Houses, Government Supplies and we are also approved vendor for IKEA for the supply of NonWoven Polyester fabric. We manufacture material for home furnishing industry, acoustic control, filter manufacturer, automobile industry, mattress manufacturer, bitumen manufacturer, viscose wipes and geo textiles.